My Kentucky Home

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Merry Christmas, 2009!

Welcome to my little house!

I go into the Christmas season with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I have lost 2 of my closest MM friends in the last 8 months. Cindy Shaeffer, a Canadian, was my hero. She was someone who had determined to live EVERY moment. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, Cindy's "Bucket List" was largely realized. She even fell in love, a few years ago, with a wonderful man she met in Mexico. She loved Barry so much; and he enriched her life in return. Her Bucket List included everything from swimming with the Great White Sharks, to a girls weekend gambling in Reno, Nevada. She ALWAYS had a smile, a kind word. She was enthusiasm personified. Her energy and courage was awesome. Because of Cindy, my own MM battle has been easier. She was my hero. If Cindy could do it, then so can I. We never got a chance to meet. It had been on my "Bucket List", but unfortunately her journey came to an end November 3, 2009, before we had that chance.

My other friend, Laura Gott, was from Long Island, NY. Laura and I had never met either. She was a wife and mother. We had dreamed of meeting in NYC to see a Broadway play together, but alas, that dream was never realized either. Laura and I exchanged long e-mails, talking about our families, our hopes, our regrets, our dreams for those we'd leave behind. Laura died last April. I didn't find out, until June, when her husband Michael e-mailed me the news.

So 2009 as been a test. I had to go back into treatment myself in February. Finished in July. We didn't get my numbers down quite as far this time, as we did at first. The first time, after 10 months of treatment, my numbers were down into the single digits. This time they are in the low hundreds. But I'm feeling great. I have my middle daughter, Beth, living with me now. We have enjoyed each other and it's been fun. She will soon be married to a wonderful single father with a houseful of kids. I like him a lot and the kids are so sweet. They call me "Grams" and actually enjoy visiting with me on-line. It's wonderful.

My youngest daughter, Kelly's little man, Coltyn was born Jan 3rd. He's in the picture here with his big brother, Jadyn who was three in July. I haven't been able to hold him yet, wasn't able to be there when he was born as I'd hoped. But maybe for Christmas. He gave us a scare at first. His hearing was not fully developed. But he seems to hear now, turns his head when you call his name. He captures your heart with his smiles and is already trying to walk.

This picture is of Trace (11), Dylan (9) and Jadyn (3). Trace and Dylan play football. Jadyn rides in junior rodeo and recently took 3rd place riding his sheep at the Prescott Rodeo.

My eldest daughter, Diana, has had a rough 18 months. She has brittle bone disease and fell off a ladder and smashed her ankle. Thank God she found an extremely talented surgeon in Phoenix who was able to put my Humpty Dumpty back together again. It's been a long road, but she's walking and grateful. She just resigned from Quicken Financial where she was a mortgage banker. It was stressful and she was good at it...but the commute took it's toll. She's now decided to pursue a career in the medical field.

I continue to enjoy my little house in Midway, KY. There is just something so special about living in a small town where you know people and they you. I like the feeling of community here. I've continued my work coordinating our small food pantry. We're busy right now, determining families that need our help at Christmas. The whole town is getting involved, from the churches, to the Woman's Club to the Lyons.

I'm also continuing my romantic journey with a wonderful man my Beth introduced me to. It's fun to know that even at our age, there is such a thing as "starry eyed love".

So, as you enter into this Christmas season, my wish for you is that you will remember who's birthday we celebrate - that of Jesus Christ. That you will be surrounded by those you love; and that laughter and joy and blessings will fill your new year.

Merry Christmas everyone!