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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Challenges and Celebrations

February, 2009

I am now the proud Grandma of a darlin lil boy...Coltyn Roby who joined us the first part of the year. His mommy is my youngest daughter, Kelly. Coltyn joins older brothers, Jadyn, Dylan and Trace. I haven't been able to get to Arizona yet to play Grandma, but I hope to soon.

unfortunately, I'm fighting the beast again. But I feel really confident that it's just a little bump in the flight plan. I started on Revlimid 3 weeks ago. I seem to be handling it well. I do get tired a little easier than normal, but other than that, I think it's going really well. Dr. McDonagh and I decided not to add Dex to the mix. It leaves us some options. If worse comes to worse, I can go back on Velcaide, which put me into remission in 2006. We wanted to try Revlimid because it's a pill. With Velcaide, I'm tied to the clinic and it puts a kabosh on my travels sinces it's an IV push twice a week.

One thing I have come to treasure is the wonderful friends I've made all over the US and Canada through the various MM list serves. Because of their suggestions, I was able to get help paying for my treatments. Revlimid is $8,000/mo for the first month and $440 ea month after that on my Medicare Part D. There is no way, I could handle this. But after posting my problem on the list serve, my wonderful friends steered me to the Chronic Disease Fund. I was able to get my drugs paid in full thru combining what my insurance would pay, a grant from the Chronic Disease Fund and help from the drug manufacturer. I am extremely grateful to my MM friends for their help.

That's one thing you can count on, if you're newly diagnosed...there are people out there willing to help, whether it be answering basic questions, offering moral support, or giving you suggestions of MM specialists near you...they are the most giving group of people I think I've ever met. They're my inspiration.

Here's to 2009. May it be a year filled with happiness, hope and new beginnings.

Best Wishes,


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