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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Roommate

By popular demand, I am introducing you all to the man in my life~my adorable roommate. He is the absolute best. He doesn't snore, hog the bed, leave his clothes in a heap on the floor or share his affections with another woman. He's housebroken, listens attentively when I talk to him, acts hysterically happy when I come home, gives me wonderful wet kisses and all he requires in return are 2 square meals a day, a walk and lots of lovin' ! I can do that!!

Meet Baby Doll, my pound poodle. We've been together for a little over a year now. He's very sophisticated as you can see. He loves to go with me when I go exploring around KY. These pictures were taken at Boonesboro State Park My vet thinks he's probably about 5 now and is probably a purebred. She says that doesn't happen much, for a purebred poodle to find its way to the Humane Society. But that's where we met. He even came to the hospital several times last summer to cheer me up.

There, my secret is out. My boyfriend has 4 legs and doesn't shave every day! What can I say???


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