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Friday, October 12, 2007

19 Months into Remission-October, 2007

I realized that it had been quite awhile since I updated my Blog...I've been off Chemo now for 2 years come March, 2008. It's almost as if that "cancer stuff" happened to someone else. Except I read over my posts and it brings it all back front and center.

But as I've said all along, life needs to be lived in the present. So I'm really truly trying to live as though I'll be here to see my 14 month old grandson graduate from high school. So much has happened in the last year or so. My youngest daughter got married and blessed me with a wonderful son-in-law and grandson. I'm trying to get used to my new role as "Grammie Susan". It's actually kind of fun!

I've registered with to offer my photographs for sale on-line. That's an on-going learning experience. I'm dog sitting, which is fun. Still walking from a mile to three miles a day. Also started water aroebics, which is "way cool", as the kids say. So I am keeping busy between church, friends and the life goes on.

For those of you who come upon this site after either you, or someone you love, being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Please know that there is hope. Remission is real. I personally know a number of people like me that have been in remission for as long as 13 years! With all the drugs that are coming down the pipeline, it is conceivable that MM might not be the death sentence it once was. So far, I'm living proof of that. The text books used to say a life span of 3-5 years after diagnosis. I'm almost 3 years out now and I'm still truckin'!!!!! (grin) So have faith. Find an MM specialist, get involved in a support group, either on-line (there are 2 excellent MM listservs) or face-to-face, be your own advocate and ask TONS of questions.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading your comments...




At 7:28 PM, Blogger Vogt Family said...

We have a man in our mm support group that was dx in 1973! Chemo for 6 months and nothing since then. Amazing. He is our inspiration. Check out our new grand-twins on my blog.

Take care.
Eric Vogt


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