My Kentucky Home

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Scenes from Keeneland's November Sale

We haven't had much of a fall here in KY. It went from summer directly into winter. The leaves turned color, but didn't stay on the trees long enough to give me a chance to catch their beauty. I did get over to Keeneland during one of the opening days of the Breeding Stock sale in November. While I was there, one mare brought $6 Million. Here's a behind the scenes look at all the action.

One groom evidently didn't duck quick enough. I didn't see what happened, but it was pretty obvious who got the worst of it. He was actually getting his scalp stitched up! I saw the needle and thread!!!

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Oh, what a wonderful day we had stepping back in time at the Ohio Renaissance Festival! I loved the costumes, the humor, the jousting....everything! I took a ton of pictures. I particularly liked the knight on the black horse. The "Lady", whose hand he is kissing, had just agreed to become his wife a few hours before this picture was taken. I've always loved history and this was history at it's best.

We were able to see an artisian blowing glass, to hear children's stories, to watch a magician escape from a strait jacket. My friend's Grandson especially liked the human chess game. I was fascinated by a women who was braiding hair in the most intricate of patterns! It made me wish for the days when women wore beautiful dresses and had flowers woven into their hair. Sigh.....